Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

COLLECTION, CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., with RUC. N° 20609391716 with legal address at Urb. Amadeo Repetto Av. Paz Soldan Q-21 in the district of Santiago – Cusco – Peru, as a Travel and Tourism Agency, is committed to the privacy and well-being of its clients; for such reasons and in compliance with the provisions of Peruvian Law No. – “Personal Data Protection Law” and its Regulations – Supreme Decree No. 003-2013 JUS, and in Supreme Decree No. 005-2020-MINCETUR, as well as in its complementary, modifying and/or any other regulations, it has adopted the necessary confidentiality and security measures so that the information that is provided to us and/or to which we have access, is conveniently and permanently protected, as follows indicated:


MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., in its capacity as Travel and Tourism Agency, MARLUC PERU suggests the careful reading of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that govern marlucperu.com since the use of the Website is conditioned to the acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS . By using the Website, the User and/or client expresses their acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which may be eventually modified, and any modification will be effective immediately and never retroactively.
USER: It is the person of Peruvian and/or foreign nationality, who travels temporarily to a destination and uses the WEBSITE in this case of MARLUC PERU SERVICIOS S.A.C., in order to contract the tourist services provided by MARLUC PERU.
PROVIDER Legal entity or natural person that directly provides tourist services to the USER contracted, reserved or acquired by this means through the WEBSITE of MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C.


By accepting these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the USER expressly declares the following:

Be of legal age and have full legal capacity to enter into contracts.
You will use the Web to acquire tourist services.
You will be attentive to the information that MARLUC SERVICIOS TURISTICOS S.A.C. provide the email address that the user has provided for this purpose, since it will be assumed that he/she took informed and timely knowledge of the confirmation of his/her reservation or of any inconvenience or variation of the same, with the sending of said information to the email address you provided to MARLUC PERU.
That he is informed of the conditions that are required in each selected tourist destination or in the transit countries, having verified, with the required anticipation, the conditions of entry to any country or to the selected final destination, the conditions and/or stipulations required upon request of driver’s licenses, vaccinations, permits for the entry of minors and/or exits of minors from the country to visit in this case Peru Likewise, you are fully aware that travel requirements may vary depending on the destination or country selected.
At the same time, it declares that all the information provided is real, future, current and complete.
MARLUC TOURIST SERVICES S.A.C. will take as true, real and valid information, all the information entered by the USER at the time of the reservation, considering that he has correctly entered all the required data (surnames and names), as can be seen in his valid identity document ( ID / DNI / Passport or Immigration Card). Once the and/or services have been booked and/or paid for, it will not be possible to correct and/or modify them.
The rates are expressed in Dollars of the United States of North America (USD), with the current exchange rate in Soles and are subject to availability and/or while stocks last.
These conditions apply to the itinerary and travel dates as requested and designated by the USER.
It is the USER’s obligation to correctly fill in the data, dates, destinations and other specifications for the acquisition of the service, leaving MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C. exempt from all responsibility, since the data is provided and filled out by the USER.
It is an essential requirement that the USER is of legal age (18) to purchase our services through the WEB PAGE.

MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., declares the following:
It is a Peruvian company, constituted under the laws that govern Peru and also has the respective permits granted to market the tourist services offered.
It is dedicated to acting as an intermediary between the companies that provide tourist services in different fields and the users, through its WEB PAGE, providing in a clear and enunciated way, but not limited to, the service of

and land transportation reservations, whether river, sea, rail, or air, as well as the reservation of hotels and lodging establishments; the reservation of tourist attraction sites; the reservation of travel packages and much more, once all the reservations have been confirmed by the immediate client through the Web page / Mail, and that the detail of the services that were chosen, are clear and correct, is finalized with the provision of the service while awaiting their arrival.


The MARLUC PERU WEBSITE must be used solely and exclusively to make the purchase and/or reservations, it may not be used for any other purpose, but without limitation, to make any false or fraudulent reservations.
The WEB PAGE and the content offered are called photos, texts, paragraphs, statements, information, Itineraries have the respective copyrights and are also the exclusive property of MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C. and they have all the Authorizations and Licenses if it were the case for such use; Therefore, such content and information cannot be reproduced and/or distributed without the full prior written authorization of MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., except in cases where it is warranted in which it can be downloaded to view and print the material. that is contained in the WEB PAGE or download or print the same or that is sent to your email address, by MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., in both situations, you can use it, solely and exclusively, for personal use, Any total or partial reproduction of the content of the WEB PAGE is strictly prohibited.
The unauthorized use made of this WEBSITE or any total or partial reproduction of the WEBSITE violates the laws that govern intellectual property and other regulations stipulated throughout the Peruvian territory.
We put at your disposal the following terms and conditions that regulate the use of the WEB PAGE, as a previous step to manage the acquisition of a respective tourist service, which is of the utmost importance that they be carefully read, before contracting and proceeding with the purchase. of said services.


1. All documentation for payments will be sent to the “User” digitally (emails or mobile devices).
2. Forms of payment for the USER.
Through the use of credit cards ONLINE payment
Through the use of national and international bank transfers. Deposits must be made in the following BCP Business Savings accounts (Banco de Crédito del Perú), in the name of MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C. ACCOUNT NUMBERS
Dollars of the United States of North America and Peruvian Soles
Dollars N° 285-71528451-1-25CCI – 002-28517152845112552 Soles N° 285-40283118-0-84CCI – 002-28514028311808456

1. Payment receipts will be issued digitally.


The USER will be provided with all the facilities to change or modify the date of the services, subject to the policies of the PROVIDERS and to the availability of new dates.
Reservations may be canceled or partially or totally annulled, in accordance with the purchase policies of each PROVIDER (airlines, hotels, transport companies, tour operators from Peru or abroad, cruise lines and more).
If a refund is possible, it will be made seven (7) days after receiving MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C., the refund from the respective PROVIDER, making the refund to the bank account, credit card or other means of payment, with the that the USER has made his purchase, deducting the bank and administrative expenses of MARLUC SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS S.A.C. and the SUPPLIERS.
Keep in mind that international or domestic air tickets within Peru will follow the airlines’ refund and cancellation policies. Likewise, that train services and bus services within Peru will follow the reimbursement and cancellation policies of each river, train and bus transport company.
Marco O. Sequeiros Ch.General ManagerRUC: 20609391716